Engineering Services for centralized DAS/SCADA for energy power meters in Dukhan fields, Qatar

The project addresses EPIC of Centralized DAS/SCADA for power meters in Dukhan Fields.


Scope of works includes:

  • Detail Design for interface of 32 existing ION Energy Power Meter on designated Production Station in to integrated SCADA System named DAS SCADA
  • Detail Design works on modification of existing Telecom Equipment and Network in order to integrate all Energy Meters under Scope in DAS SCADA System
  • Detailed Design works for installation of new SCADA equipment on designated locations
  • Review and evaluation of Specific Vendor’s Documentation prior to End User submission
  • Preparation of As-Built documentation for Client.

Services provided

  • Interconnection of existing ION Energy Power Meters with local Telecom Node on related Production Station
  • Local reconfiguration of ION meter from Local Mode to remote Mode
  • Installation of new required NOKIA Telecom Card and Network Configuration in coordination with WWW Networks as specialized Telecom Vendor
  • Installation of SCADA server within DTS-2 Substation within Dukhan Township.

Technical data

  • 32 existing ION Energy Power Meter





End User

Qatar Petroleum