Video Surveillance and Telecommunication Infrastructure in S/S 110/20/10 kV Jagodina 3, Serbia

The project considers ways to solve technical protection systems issues at the transformer substation facility S/S 110/20/10 kV JAGODINA 3.  Since no crew is planned to be working at the substation, the following protection systems are provided:

  • video surveillance system – CCTV
  • access control system
  • perimeter protection system with infrared barriers.

All systems will be based on an integrated solution with a central monitoring and management server. Also, all systems will be IP technology based. Server for technical protection system management will be installed at the location of the Dispatch Center. The transformer station JAGODINA 3 and the Dispatch Center in Jagodina will be connected by fiber optic cable.

Services provided

  • Detailed Design

Technical data

  • Capacity: 14 cameras, resolution 1080 p, 8h recording during 24h.
  • Other details: all cables for equipment connection will be fiber optic.



Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), Power Distribution Unit “Elektrosrbija”