Video Monitoring System in the City of Subotica, Serbia

Development of a video surveillance system on the territory of the City of Subotica has been planned with an aim of promoting security of citizens, prevention of unwanted events or more efficient and quick reaction of competent authorities in the event of an incident. The video surveillance system consists of two subsystems: one is intended for traffic control and is controlled by the regional police administration (MUP), while the second is intended for general purposes and is used to provide higher security level in public areas, schools and preschool institutions.

The video surveillance system for traffic monitoring includes 16 locations with Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPRs), cameras for recording the ambient conditions and speed tracking radars.

The video surveillance system for general security includes 107 locations, with 50 placed in public spaces - parks, squares, cemeteries, parking etc., and the remaining 57 in schools and preschool institutions.

Services provided

  • Basic Design

Technical data

  • CCTV 1 – Contr. Center, Comm. Network, Cameras> 70
  • CCTV 2 – Contr. Center, Comm. Network, Cameras>300



Municipal Authority for Road Infrastructure, City Planning and Housing, the City of Subotica