Dynamic UPS Power Backup for Entire Furnace ID Fans, Qatar

The site survey has been carried out at electrical system facilities within RAS LAFFAN OLEFINS COMPANY area. Relevant information, data and drawings has been collected from the visited sites, operating status of installed equipment assessed, available statistical data from the service records compiled.

ENTEL checked possibilities for overcoming of operating problems with supply of ID motor fans. Feasibility study was conducted and included investigation of proposed solutions for the installation of dynamic UPS. Space availability, connection points, upgrading possibilities and all related issues were checked and ensured. Based on the subject investigation, concept design documentation and report has been prepared. Concept design report summarized and indicated advantages/disadvantages of each technical option proposed. Based on the analysis performed, the Client selected a preferred technical solution.

ENTEL prepared detailed design documentation for the preferred solution. This included complete set of drawings, specifications, BOQs and other supporting documents necessary for the execution of construction works. Full attention has been taken of the prevailing environmental conditions in order to ensure that appropriate equipment parameters are applied. The general design approach followed the principle of using the commercially available equipment with the proven records of working in the similar operating conditions. The specification also covered all aspects of testing and commissioning of the equipment.

Necessary attention has been paid to the functionality of the equipment arrangement to enable easy access and smooth operation of the O&M Staff. Necessary internal and external clearances have been provided in accordance with QChem and Standard requirements. Clearances have been based on the typical and most conservative equipment size, based on the equipment from a reputable vendor.

Having completed the technical specification, ENTEL prepared the necessary commercial schedules, which included price schedules and delivery schedules for the UPS System. The price schedules have been prepared for the Tender purposes and contained the equipment and material quantities.

Based on the finalized scope and considering the estimated duration for manufacturing process and overseas and/or local transport, installation requirements as well as commissioning, EPE proposed the realistic time schedule for execution of the construction project, taking into account targeted duration defined by QChem.

Finally, Tender documents have been prepared for the complete required scope based on the accepted Scope of Work and agreed implementation strategy.

Services provided

  • Site Survey
  • Feasibility Study
  • Concept Design and Concept Report
  • Detailed Design
  • Tender Documentation.


Ras  Laffan Olefins Company