Engineering Consultancy Services for Earthing Study in AADC Network, Abu Dhabi

The project addresses detail review of adequacy of existing earthing system of Al Ain Distribution Network. The project results provide precise and realistic methods for carrying out field surveys and implementation of earthing policy and standards needed for the approval of Regulation and Supervision Bureau and Al Ain Distribution Company, which should also achieve positive impact on the indexes of SAIDI and SAIFl of Al All Distribution Network.

The scope of work includes;

  • Review current earthing system policies, practices and procedures in AADC covering the entire distribution system from the TRANSCO supply to the load end customers.
  • To prepare specifications, scope of work and priced/un-priced bill of quantities for enabling AADC to invite separate bids from Contractors for execution of trial earthing installations, in order to evaluate typical soil conditions/resistivity and other parameters, achievable earth resistance values and integrity of earthing installations.
  • Review protection system design at all voltages 400V to 33kV.
  • Analysis and presentation of the theoretical rise of voltages (touch and step potentials) for faults.
  • To propose suitable maintenance and routine testing procedures in order to maintain the perfo1mance and integrity of earthing systems.
  • To produce an Engineering Standard similar to Technical Specification 41-24 (UK)  which  gives guidelines and detail procedures for the design, installation 1 testing and commissioning, maintenance of  earthing  systems  through  all  parts  of  the  distribution  system  from  33kV  to
  • Study and provide clear recommendations based on technical evidences if the earthing system on higher and lower voltages in same substation locations could be interconnected.
  • Study and provide clear recommendations based on technical evidences for the neutral earthing mode of MV network.
  • Study and provide clear recommendations based on technical evidences for the selection of LV earthing system.

The overall duration of the project is 12 months.

Services provided

  • Project Management
  • Study
  • Report Preparation
  • Tender document preparation
  • Contract Administration

Technical data

  • Earthing System Study
  • Preparation of Specifications

Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC)