Power and Water Interconnection Studies for the RAS LAFFAN C IWPP, Qatar

The project scope includes the following:

  • Power System Study for feasibility consideration of RLF C IPP Project and its integration to KAHRAMAA high voltage transmission network. Study comprises the following tasks: Load Flow Analysis, Short-Circuit Fault Current Calculations, Transient Stability Studies.
  • Hydraulic analysis of the pumping system, as per the projected water demand scenarios. This includes, analysis of the selected pumps in view of their performance in conjunction with the pumping system, with respect to the results of the hydraulic analysis and review and comment the pumping station equipment arrangement, from performance and operation point of view.
  • Surge analysis of the system, from future forwarding pumping station to the existing and proposed reservoirs located within the proposed Kahramaa primary transmission system under normal and emergency operating conditions. This analysis is based on the water demand plans and pipeline design provided by Kahramaa and proposed pumps’ characteristics and pumping station design (pump performance curves) provided by the IWPP.

Services provided

  • Power System Study
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Short-Circuit Fault Current Calculations
  • Transient Stability Studies
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Analysis of the selected pumps
  • Review of the pumping station equipment arrangement
  • Surge analysis

Technical data

  • Power System Study for feasibility consideration of RLF C IPP Project

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