Review of the Transmission Expansion Plan of the National Electrical Grid of Jordan for the period 2007-2020, Jordan

The objectives of the study were to update the transmission master plan for the 400kV and 132kV electric grid in Jordan and to review the existing master plan. Several National Electric Grid expansion alternatives have been examined in order to propose the most reliable system configuration up to the year 2020 and based on transmission planning criteria and least cost strategies. The National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) team was led by the appointed power transmission experts from Energoprojekt ENTEL, jointly performing all the necessary studies and investigations including:

  • Formulation and testing of PSS/E transmission network model
  • Establishing procedure for electrical load forecast for the period up to 2020
  • Proposal of future development scenarios for power substations
  • Generation expansion plan updating
  • Proposal of possible transmission network development alternatives
  • Load flow analysis, short circuit calculation, transient stability simulation for various transmission network expansion alternatives
  • Budget cost estimate and economic analysis
  • Proposal of future development plan for transmission network development up to the year 2020.

Services provided

  • Power System Study
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Short-Circuit Fault Current Calculations
  • Transient Stability Studies
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Analysis of the selected pumps
  • Review of the pumping station equipment arrangement
  • Surge analysis

Technical data

  • Power System Study for the update of transmission master plan for the 400kV and 132kV electric grid in Jordan


National Electric Power Company (NEPCO)