Consultancy Services Related to Ras Laffan “C” Water Transmission Pipeline, Qatar

State of Qatar, Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) developed major water pipeline scheme to transmit potable water from Ras Laffan C (RGPC) Power and Desalination Plant (IWPP) at Ras Laffan Industrial City located at North-East Qatar to various water stations in Doha (capital) and around.

One of the main tasks of the project was to analyze hydraulic system behavior under various conditions (normal operation and emergency cases) in order to enable proper selection of the pumps for the forwarding pumping station, in future water production plant.

The RGPC IWPP production capacity equals 63 MGD of potable water with possibility to be extended in the future. The system is capable to deliver 63 MIGD (3.315 m3/s) in normal operation regimes and 75 MIGD (3.946 m3/s) for emergency supply situations.

The DN 1600 mm pipeline is 82 km long, with eight interconnection points with similar existing DN 1200 mm (RLA) and DN 1600 (RLB) pipelines and several connections to existing/future primary reservoirs.

Services provided

Detailed Design and Site Supervision:

  • Hydraulic and Surge analysis for the complete pipeline to perform the optimum operating conditions as per KAHRAMAA requirements and satisfaction considering the normal operating condition and other emergency operation conditions.
  • Specify necessary sizing and positioning for the air valves, surge vessels, Pimp characteristics, isolation valves, washouts etc.
  • Hydraulic and transient analysis on the basis of staged capacity at the Delivery point and identify the priority allocation to the receiving Reservoir and Water Stations and specify the additional facilities requirements such as surge vessels, air valves, etc.
  • Complete detailed design for the complete pipeline including soil investigations, pipeline profile and longitudinal sections, identification of underground services, determination of the locations of the isolation valves, air and vacuum releasing devices, washouts etc. for optimum operating conditions and with minimum required quantities and maximum spacing between air/washout valves of 2 km.
  • Design parameters for all operating conditions of the pipelines, forwarding pumps and surge vessels.
  • Detailed Design for the complete fiber optic cable system with the associated equipment
  • Processing and coordinating the applications and follow-up of permits and approvals for water corridors and/or expropriation of land, with the concerned authorities for any adjustment in the original contract design.
  • Submission of a separate design works project closing report
  • Site Supervision during work execution.

Technical data

Pipe Size (mm)    Approximate Length (m)

  • 1600                       76,965
  • 1200                       490
  • 900                         3945
  • 600                         730

Total:                           82,130



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End User

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)