Harmonization of power-related operational statistics of PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia with EU regulations and methodologies, Serbia

As a step towards successful completion of the EU accession process, Serbia is required to regulate its energy market and commodities. The European Union has passed a number of directives and regulations related to the issues of energy indicators monitoring. With that in mind, statistical office of the European Union, EUROSTAT, has developed a coherent and harmonized energy statistics system. According to EUROSTAT, collection of energy quantities is based on Regulation No 1099/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which precisely defines the volume and frequency of collection of energy quantities. As the largest electricity generation and coal production company in Serbia, PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) is obligated to establish a harmonized energy statistics system that will enable automated data exchange between the EU and Statistical office of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia and other entities.

Energoprojekt ENTEL, together with a Consortium partner, was in charge of developing a harmonized power-related operational statistics system that enables data collection and acquisition as per EUROSTAT requirements, as well as for preparation of user’s manual and supporting documentation.

Services provided

  • Overview of available information and technical systems in identified organizational or technical units of PE EPS, where data collection and systematization need to be harmonized with the EU energy statistics;
  • Defining timeline for inclusion of individual entities in the data collection process, as well as actions to be taken to overcome identified obstacles and enable participation of each entity in data acquisition process;
  • Identification of data being collected (or measured) by each identified organizational or technical unit of PE EPS, as well as data coming from subordinate organizational and technical units;
  • Systematization of collected data in a manner consistent with EUROSTAT;
  • Training of Client personnel for data collection, systematization and exchange;
  • Filling out of established data structure in in-house developed software packages or database.

Technical data

Total of 8.355 MW in power generation capacities (TPP Nikola Tesla A, TPP Nikola Tesla B, TPP Kolubara, TPP Morava, TPP Kostolac A, TPP Kostolac B, CHP Novi Sad, CHP Zrenjanin, CHP Sremska Mitrovica, HPP  Djerdap 1, HPP Djerdap 2, HPP Pirot, HPP Vrla 1, HPP Vrla 2, HPP Vrla 3, HPP Vrla 4, PSP Lisina, HPP Bajina Bašta, RHPP Bajina Basta, SHPP Vrelo, HPP Zvornik, HPP Ovcar Banja, HPP Medjuvrsje, HPP Bistrica, HPP Kokin Brod, HPP Uvac, HPP Potpec)

Coal mines Kostolac, Kolubara Coal Basin
Thirty-three (33) power distribution entities



PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS)