As a responsible company, Energoprojekt ENTEL is committed to conduct its business according to management policies and plans that are transparent for all investors and stakeholders. In addition to information disclosure in compliance with the regulations of the listing markets, we are disclosing information pertinent to shareholders and investors in order to ensure an accurate understanding of the current state of our business. We communicate with all shareholders and investors on a timely basis and are happy to acknowledge that our successful business practice and good business results benefit our shareholders.

News for Shareholders

Latest news:15 October 2019 – Decision on Removing the Company from the Public Company Register
Latest news: 17 September 2019 – Minutes of EP Entel PLC 30th Extraordinary Meeting of the Assembly
Latest news: 28 August 2019 – EP Entel PLC Semi-annual Financial Statements 2019
Latest news: 6 August 2019 – Notice to Shareholders