Saturday 19 Jan 2019
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Energoprojekt ENTEL, is the owner, together with other companies from Energoprojekt Group, of the head office building in Belgrade, Serbia, of total surface area of more than 50.000 m2.
Furthermore, the company has permanent office premises of approximately 1.500 m2 in Qatar, 1.000 m2 in Oman, 600 m2 in Dubai, 600 m2 in Abu Dhabi, 550 m2 in Manama, Bahrain and 400 m2 in Amman, Jordan.

Computer Software PDF Print E-mail

List of Specialized Software Packages used in Energoprojekt ENTEL business system

Electrical software

SIEMENS PSS/E - Power System Simulator for Engineering
CLF/OPF - Constrained/Optimal power fl ow calculation within electrical network system
OPTRAP - Interactive Long-Term Expansion Planning of Transmission Network System
TRANER - Transmission Networks reliability assessments
CYME PSAF - Power System Analysis Framework
CYME CYMGRD - Substation Grounding Program
CYME CYMTCC - Protective Device Coordination Software
CYME CAP - Electrical Equipment Current Capacity Calculation
Lighting Design Software:

- Phillips Lighting Software for Indoor, Outdoor & Road Lighting
- Thorn Lighting Software for Indoor, Outdoor & Road Lighting

OPRES - Optimal Generating System Expansion Planning
ASPEN One-liner - Short circuit and relay coordination program
MAED - Model for Analysis of Energy Demand
LFP-Y - Power System Load Forecast / Yearly
LFP-M - Power System Forecast / Monthly
WASP III – Power generation expansion planning studies
ECODIAL 3.36 - Electrical installation calculation software
WIN DOC - Electrical installation design


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