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Energoprojekt was founded in Belgrade, Serbia in 1951 as a publicly owned company aimed at providing design and consulting services within the sectors of power generation, water management and industry.

In its first decade of operation, Energoprojekt designed the first thermal power plants (TPP) in the former SFRY – Kostolac, Morava, Kolubara and Kosovo as well as several hydro-electric power plants.

During this period activities were also initialized in Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Burma, India, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Ghana including projects for hydro-technical and irrigation systems.

In the 1960s Energoprojekt continued to grow into different sectors including engineering, construction and management of various public, industrial and commercial projects.

In this period, Energoprojekt established offices, subsidiaries and joint ventures in many countries and successfully built more than 60 water processing facilities, over 50 concrete and embankment dams, 25 thermal power plants, more than 80 factories and industrial facilities, several thousand residential apartments and hundreds of residential buildings.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Energoprojekt became a world-renowned company completing major projects worldwide, that were important both in terms of their complexity as well as their contract value.

Activities expanded on new markets, where Energoprojekt designed and constructed capital projects in Uganda, Botswana, Peru, Kenya, Iceland, Central African Republic, Zaire, Gabon, Panama, and in numerous other countries where it was already present. Energoprojekt also initiated activities in the OPEC member countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Libya, and Nigeria with power generation and transmission systems. During this period the prestigious American magazine “Engineering News Record” was always including Energoprojekt among its top performers in traditional annual reviews.

In 1980, Energoprojekt ranked #6 among consulting companies, #20 among engineering companies, and # 27 among investment project contractors.

In 1990, Energoprojekt went through organizational transformation and Energoprojekt Entel was formed as an independent company aiming to provide engineering design and consultancy services related to projects in the fi elds of energy, water management, telecommunication and environmental protection.

In the following period, Energoprojekt ENTEL continued with activities in Serbia and in the South East Europe, while, at the same time, intensified its business in the Middle East region. The first, large scale, engineering consultancy project (Qatar Transmission System – Phase IV) was awarded to EPE in Qatar in 1991, upon which the Qatar branch office was established. Since that time, EPE has had an active presence in Qatar.

In 1996, EPE operations were extended to Oman, providing consultancy services to the Ministry of Housing, Electricity and Water (MHEW). As the result of successful operation and increased capacity, another two branch offi ces where established in Abu Dhabi (in 2002) and Dubai (in 2003).

Cooperation with National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) in Jordan was established in 2003 for consultancy services related to power transmission. In addition, EPE has recently been pre-qualifi ed with Electricity and Water Authority in Bahrain for execution of Consultancy Services and has received the fi rst work order from Bahrain Petroleum Company.

In September 1998, Energoprojekt Group, as well as the Energoprojekt ENTEL, began the transformation of its ownership structure from a state owned company to a joint-stock company.


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