Saturday 19 Jan 2019
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__ Energoprojekt ENTEL is committed to attaining success and benefit for our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve. _ _ _

Thanks to a streamlined, responsive organizational structure, our worldwide staff benefits from a cohesive relationship with the home office. Furthermore, we strive to provide a stimulating and rewarding work atmosphere by communicating openly, anticipating challenges, analyzing options, making informed decisions, and utilizing advanced technology.

In pursuit of our vision of a company with specialized skills, high-tech know-how, and expert personnel, Energoprojekt ENTEL is constantly increasing capability to manage whole projects or specific parts only.

We are uniquely qualified to take our projects seamlessly through each stage: initial assessment, technical and economic feasibility, planning and licensing, design and project management, including technical advisory and due diligence support, risk and environmental impact analyses.

Our clients feel confident that they will always be getting our best consulting and engineering services tailor made to address their specific requirements and that we will continue to grow together and meet the challenges of sustainable development through our commitment to quality and innovation.

We go above and beyond the industry standard in supporting our clients, making them feel comfortable and trust us to take on challenges, share our expertise, and commit ourselves fully to their success.

OUR MOTTO IS: ENERGOPROJEKT always among the best!


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