Saturday 19 Jan 2019
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Telecommunication Networks and Systems Photos PDF Print E-mail

Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion - Phase VII - Telecommunication part, Doha, Qatar

SDH and PDH equipment, STM-1/4 with 155/622 Mb/s FOX515 and FOX 515T, 320km Fiber Optic cable, 410km OPG

PA/GA, CCTV, Field Telephones & MPLS Systems, Dukhan Fields Area, Qatar

Telecommunication, Information Technology and Security Systems,
"Usce” Shopping Center Belgrade, Serbia


System, Vlasina, Serbia

System covers 40 objects, with 41,2km of OPGW cable and 39km of underground FOC

Load Dispatch Centre and Communication Project, Northern Oman


System, Belgrade Arena, Belgrade, Serbia

Telecommunication system – OPGW Backbone, Northern Serbia

Telecommunication systems - Telephone system, Building Management System and Fire Detection and Protection System, Federal Parliament Building, Belgrade, Serbia

Telecommunication, Security and Extra Low Voltage System, Ajman, UAE

Radio Relay Link SWY Mladost – Relay Station Kumodraž, Serbia


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