Saturday 19 Jan 2019
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Energoprojekt ENTEL is an innovative company, always interested in experienced engineers as well as qualified and enthusiastic young engineers. Therefore, we are interested in receiving your application and CV at any time. We offer career growth opportunities through extensive training and professional development, and we have created a work environment where diversity and respect for one another is fundamental to our company vision.

We are looking for talented or experienced professionals for challenging and rewarding technical jobs primarily in the following engineering majors:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Civil

If you wish to join Energoprojekt ENTEL please prepare your CV according to the attached template (using, where necessary, the attached instructions) and send it by completing this APPLICATION FORM indicating in the position you are interested in.

Our screening process consists of the following steps:

  • Your CV will be considered by our Human Resources officers and you will be informed within 10 working days if your application meets our requirements.
  • We may require individuals seeking employment to pass one or more pre-employment tests consisting of the following steps:
  • initial pre-employment test based on a simple questionnaire
  • psychological screening test
  • English language knowledge test
  • computer usage knowledge test
  • job interview with your potential Team Leader

After you take the test, you will receive your results with instructions for further contacts in the e-mail message in approximately three weeks.

F.A.Q - Careers

I am interested in a student’s summer practice in Energoprojekt ENTEL. What I need to do?
Energoprojekt-Entel offers summer practice for students from colleges/universities. These summer practices run for between four and eight weeks from July to September. You should send an e-mail message (indicating “Summer practice” in the subject of your e-mail message) until end of April according to instructions given under title HOW TO CONTACT Energoprojekt ENTEL. This is the only way of applying for summer practices in Energoprojekt-Entel and after the last application date (i.e. April 30th) we will not accept any more applications.

I would like to write a degree project in Energoprojekt ENTEL. What I need to do?
You should send the title of your degree project in the subject of your e-mail message according to instructions given under title HOW TO CONTACT Energoprojekt ENTEL.

What are the financial rewards in Energoprojekt ENTEL?
When you join the company, your base salary is defined by your experience level, the salary grade of the position, and the demand for your skills in the marketplace. Your base salary will increase if you are promoted to a higher salary grade. In addition to base salary, you may receive incentive remuneration as an additional, variable portion of your salary. Incentive remuneration is linked to the company performance and is designed to reward team and individual efforts that help the company to achieve its goals. The base salary with incentive remuneration (if any) is paid monthly.

What do regular benefit programs in Energoprojekt ENTEL include?
The benefits available to our full-time employees include:

  • Medical Plans - We offer traditional health plan options that help protect employees and their families against major medical expenses.
  • Life Insurance - We provide basic life insurance at no cost to employees.
  • Business Travel Accident Plans – The company provides travel insurance for all employees traveling for business purposes.
  • Disability Plans –The company offers disability plans to compensate employees recovering from short-term illnesses or injuries.
  • Employee Education Program - This program is designed to provide continuous professional assistance to employees and make our employees up to date with all trends and news in their work area.

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