Saturday 19 Jan 2019
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Incorporated in 1951, the ENERGOPROJEKT Group draws on more than 55 years experience in the following fields: energy, town planning and environmental protection, infrastructure, architecture, industry, information technologies, trade and real estate. For nearly six decades of its successful operation the ENERGOPROJEKT Group have developed into an organization able to undertake large and complex projects, ranging from studies and investigations, through design and supervision to construction and putting into operation.

Today the ENERGOPROJEKT Group has a reputation of the largest contractor in Serbia for complex projects including construction management, full engineering and turn-key jobs. The shares of the ENERGOPROJEKT Group are quoted daily at the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) on the official “A” listing or BELEX BEST (with the symbol ENHL, see link belex)

Relevant projects designed or developed by the ENERGOPROJEKT Corporation during the last 55+ years in more than 70 countries all over the world include:

  • More than thirty thermal power plants (oil, gas or lignite fired) of various types and capacities (with a unit capacity up to 800 MW);
  • Twenty heating plants and thirty-four district heating systems;
  • More than fifty hydro power plants of various types and capacities (including a number of pumped storage plants);
  • Over one hundred and fifty power transmission and distribution substations (with a voltage level up to 400 kV);
  • Several thousand kilometers of overhead transmission and cable lines (with a voltage level up to 400 kV);
  • Over fifty projects on rural and urban electrification;
  • Fifteen water management plants and basin developments;
  • About fifty municipal and industrial water supply and sewage systems;
  • Heating, cooling and air-conditioning installations for a/m projects;
  • Information systems and technologies for a/m projects.

The name of ENERGOPROJEKT can be found on the lists of Top International Design firms and International Contractors published every year by the American professional magazine "Engineering News Record". In 2010 ENERGOPROJEKT was listed at No. 118 among 200 International Design firms: (link) and at No. 190 among 225 International Contractors: (link)

In today's competitive business environment, the ENERGOPROJEKT Group adapts its business activities in Serbia to current capital investment requirements, while the centre of gravity of its activities is focused abroad. In the countries in which it is operating, the ENERGOPROJEKT Group develops and cultivates business and professional relationships with domestic companies, establishes its own branch offices and joint venture companies and agencies, achieving important cooperation with internationally renowned banks and financial institutions.

The ENERGOPROJEKT Group is organized around two core businesses – consultancy engineering and construction engineering.

The strength of its parent company enable Energoprojekt ENTEL to expand its leading-edge role in consultancy engineering for energy related projects throughout the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region.


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