Saturday 19 Jan 2019
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The most important resource of Energoprojekt ENTEL is our workforce.

Their broad knowledge of current and prospective technological developments, their substantial professional experience, their enthusiasm and their dedication to our clients ensure our solid reputation worldwide.

Human resources structure chart




Presently, Energoprojekt ENTEL has a workforce from over 12 nations.

The permanent staff of Energoprojekt ENTEL include skille experts with graduate degrees in engineering, architecture, mathematics, economics and computer science.
Their technical and economic analytical skills are complemented by their extensive experience within the international energy sector.
With deep local knowledge and distinctive operational skills, Energoprojekt ENTEL will continue to expand into new energy and infrastructure markets worldwide.

This proud team gathers over 350 academic professionals of which 3 with doctoral and 9 with master degrees. Other personnel include technicians (designers / CAD operators) and administrative staff (secretarial and support).

From day one, Energoprojekt ENTEL has been driven by a passion for people, projects, performance and profi tability at each and every level, in every sector of our company.

The people of Energoprojekt ENTEL are the force and spirit behind our ongoing operational excellence, innovations, market leadership and expanding global presence.

In order to to make the best use of  Energoprojekt ENTEL’s staff, a matrix organization is formed that allows the organization to take advantage of new opportunities. This structure assigns specialists from different functional departments to work on one or more projects being led by project managers. The matrix concept facilitates working on concurrent projects by creating a dual chain of command, the project manager and the functional manager. Project managers have authority over activities toward achieving organizational goals while functional managers have authority over promotion decisions and performance reviews.

Their ingenuity and focus on shaping our destiny make us a stronger company.


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