Saturday 19 Jan 2019
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Core Values PDF Print E-mail

To build trust with our clients, our partners, our employees and shareholders.

Responsible approach to business activities, as per laws, fulfilling all obligations related to taxes and fees.

Respect for environment
To respect the environment and the communities where we work.
To appreciate diversity of people and cultures.
To foster genuine respect for each other.

To remain responsible, reliable and professional in delivering high quality services.

To remain at the forefront of technical innovation while delivering solution based on sustainable
development, yet still nurturing the professional growth of our employees.

To exceed the expectations of our customers by working hard and effi cient in a stimulating and rewarding work environment.

To deliver excellence to our clients by maintaining high technical and professional standards, implementing innovative and creative solutions and constantly improving the mainstream technical and managerial disciplines.

The basis of Energoprojekt ENTEL’s approach is to integrate our vast experience with our customer’s needs by combining novel and practical approaches in order to provide the best possible solutions and advice to our clients.

We firmly believe that we have developed and maintained our outstanding worldwide reputation due to the continued growth and success of our past clients.


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