Saturday 19 Jan 2019
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Energoprojekt ENTEL portfolio includes planning, engineering and consulting services for the entire energy sector, from the selection of appropriate energy resources to the economical feasibility and environment friendly use of generated or transported energy. Our consultants and service engineers carefully assess each customer’s needs and execute each project with the utmost professional care.

Energoprojekt ENTEL employs university-graduated professionals educated in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering information technology, economics etc. The company has developed an organizational structure aligned with its business, allowing for rapid and coherent modifications and agility in rendering services. The key professional staff of Energoprojekt ENTEL include various experts in the energy field and they all have between ten and thirty years of experience.

Energoprojekt ENTEL provides the following services:
  • Studies (feasibility, planning, techno/socio-economic, strategic, environmental)
  • Planning (planning advice, public consultation, policy analysis, master planning, site planning, urban design, environmental impact assessment)
  • Design (concept, outline and detailed design, analysis, modeling, independent design checks and reviews)
  • Tendering (preparation of detailed and functional tender documents, management of a tendering process, bid evaluation, negotiation, contract advice, performance specification, procurement routing)
  • Project management (project controls, audits, planning, risk advice, quality management)
  • Supervision, inspection and commissioning (site supervision, construction management, inspection, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up services, safety, quality, training)

Energoprojekt ENTEL is providing engineering design and consultancy services related to projects in the fi elds of energy, water telecommunication and environmental protection, covering the following major fields of activities:

  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Power Transmission Lines and Substations
  • Telecommunication Networks and Systems
  • Water Generation & Transmission, Sewage Treatment Systems
  • Oil & Gas Processing and Transport
  • Environmental Protection
  • Power Control Centers and SCADA Systems
  • Power System Studies

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