Monday 16 Jul 2018
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Thermal Power Plants Photos PDF Print E-mail

TPS Al Shemal, Iraq

4 x 350 MW

TPS Kostolac B, Drmno, Serbia

2 x 348.5 MW

TPS Kolubara unit A5, Serbia

110 MW

Replacament of FWP

TPS Kosovo B, Obilić, Serbia

2 x 339 MW

TPS Nikola Tesla, Unit A4,  Serbia

308,5 MW

Replacament of Electrostatic Precipitator

TPS Nikola Tesla B, Obrenovac, Serbia

2 x 620 MW

TPS Nikola Tesla, Unit A1,  Serbia

220 MW

Replacament of Electrostatic Precipitator

Power & Desalination Stations, Doha, Qatar

CHP plant, Auxiliary Steam and Electricity Power Supply, Belgrade, Serbia
3 Hot Water Boilers, 2x16,2MW and 1x0,8MW, 2 Steam boiler 8t/h and Cogeneration unit 2 MW thermal and 1,8 MW electrical energy

CHP Novi Sad, Serbia

TPS Heating Plant Zrenjanin, Serbia

80/100 MW, 120 MJ/s, 83,3/47,7 kg/s

Central Gas Fired Power Station, Musandan Area, Oman



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